Ceremonial smoking pipe "Wolf"

Totem ceremonial smoking pipe «Wolf».

This is an intricate, high-level masterpiece. Every detail of it is hand carved, made of incredibly solid redwood. Besides that this material is the gold standard of luxury and flair, it also has protective properties; things made of it serve as amulets.

This wooden ritual tube "Wolf" is designed and created by the Ayaho shaman workshop and brings you the magic of the island, the power of shamanic traditions and the love of our hands. It is perfect for ceremonial smoking ritual herb mixes and tobacco and you will surely fall in love with this accessory.

Some North American Indian tribes have a wolf as their tribal totem. For their shamans, it is the wolf that is an excellent conductor between our world and the world of spirits.

We support the idea of sustainable and conscious manufacturing. Every detail is made without haste and manually, because our manufacturing is first of all poetry rather than business. As the shaman rituals aim to purify the mind and expand human consciousness, we aim to convey the ancient power and magic of shamanic knowledge in every product, in every detail.

The wolf eyes are made of sacred Ye Ming Zhu stone, which mysteriously glows in the dark.

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