Dreamcatcher “Tree of Life"

The dreamcatcher is an ancient symbol that stems from the traditions of native American tribes. The indians created this amulet to resist the influence of evil spirits.

Initially the purpose of a dreamcatcher was to protect the dwelling from bad dreams. The indians believed that good dreams and nightmares soar around in the air at night. The amulet was supposed to act as a filter, letting through the good ones and catching the nightmares in the web. Good dreams then slipped through the feathers and reached the dreamer and the bad ones got destructed.

The meaning and functions of a dreamcatcher may vary depending on the colour. For instance, a white one will help to relax, and replenish the energy of the spirit in a meditation. A white dreamcatcher is mostly efficient in the bedroom, private office or in the dining room.

This dreamcatcher is shaped as a circle with the tree of life in it. This symbol stands for the unity of spirit and matter, the past and future. It also represents eternal development, family and the connection of generations, and, last but not least, the human being itself, conducting the energy of the sky from above, as does the tree through the branches, and the Earth’s from below, as the roots do. The tree of life is a talisman that protects from misfortune, strengthens family bonds and love, and also balances the human energies.

This dreamcatcher is made of wooden vine, cotton thread and feathers. Entirely handmade. We believe that you will love this decoration in your home and it will be a consistent guard of your sleep.

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