Smudge Feather Fan

Smudge feather fan for magical ceremonies and smudging spaces. Made of wood and three types of feathers. Feather fans are often kept on altars to stand for the element of Air.

The feathers of this piece are from a peacock, a pheasant and a paradise bird called Ruai that inhabits the Borneo island. The eye on the peacock’s feather symbolizes the inner vision, the intuition, and the pheasant feather has protective properties and guards a person in his dreaming. Feathers in the shamanic tradition are a symbol of connection between the realms, a messenger from the higher forces.

The handle is made of elite palm wood. Wood on the altar stands for the Earth element. The design is topped with a coral stone, to present the Water element. Its main property is to smoothen the sharp angles of life as water does with stones. Some cultures believe that the coral stone brings happiness and protects everybody, even babies.

Thus this ritual hand fan combines three elements and is used to smudge spaces with Palo Santo, Sage and other incenses, helping them to reveal the fourth element of Fire. When smudging, use the fan to softly direct the smoke to the desired direction. Keep it in a sacred place, like an altar.

May this smudge fan become the mojo of your ceremonies and your favorite sacred instrument.

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