Vargan “Wave”

The mouth harp “Wave” is a premium class instrument. Small, with a comfortable and delicate shape and a low, melodic sound. Its main frequency is below the average. The shape and size of the “Wave” allow it to sit comfortably in your hand.

This instrument demands accuracy in playing. If you are not an experienced player yet, you will need some practice to open up this instrument. With time, when you learn to strike the tongue without it hitting the frame, you will come to appreciate this model.

The “Wave” is perfect for playing in medium as well as in measured, slow tempo. Responds well to strokes from either side. Its timbre is loud, distinct, assertive, easily controlled by the breath and it quickly switches between rhythms. It can be both the rhythm and the bass in your music.

The instrument is best kept in a special case, better a hard one, e.g. wooden to prevent deformation of the tongue.

Tongue length: 70 mm.

Dimensions: 85x27x4 mm.

Weight: 25 gr.

Material: steel

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