Shaman Drum "Dragon" / 50cm

A unique handmade shaman drum - a true innovation in the field of shamanic instruments! Now you can tune your instrument to play the music if your heart. The drum comes with a pump that enables to adjust its tone - all on your own, in just a few seconds, shift it higher or deeper.

Now you don’t have to dry it in the heat of a fire before playing. Whenever it is time for you to play it - 15 seconds will be enough to pump it to the tone you need.

This comfortable, durable and beautiful shaman drum is sure to become a friend for many years.

Material: goat’s skin, natural sinew for all the bindings.

The sinew bindings are connected to a beautiful and comfortable handle with a dragon’s head. This totem animal symbolizes life, growth and wealth. Articles with a dragon give their owner personal strength and accelerate the achievement of life goals.

The dragon is carved from Sabo wood. Besides being solid and exquisite, redwood has magical protective properties, so an article made of it has the power of an amulet. This dragon handle is a masterpiece by itself, entirely hand carved.

Diameter: 50 cm.

The drum goes with a comfortable bag, a pump and a stick included.

Made on Bali! Premium quality! Every product we make is handmade without haste, as we treat the process as rather poetry than business. We support the idea of eco-friendly and conscious manufacturing. Shaman ceremonies and rituals serve to expand awareness, purify the mind, help people regain their power and manifest their intentions. This is why our manufacturing is environmental friendly - to convey the magic of shamanic wisdom in every product.

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