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The vargan is a self-generated instrument. It is found all over the world in different countries, in the territories of former civilizations of varying degrees of antiquity. Be it Europe, India, Russia or North America - hundreds of totally unrelated peoples came to this instrument, implemented it in their culture in their own unique way and gave it a name in their own language. Now we count hundreds of names for the vargan in different languages - Vargan, Khomus, Drymba, Kubuz, Moultrommel, Doromb and many others. No matter how different people are, no matter where they live or when - they play the vargan, make it in infinite variety, to feel the deep vibrations, to purify the mind and body with it, and to return to their lives with enthusiasm and love. This is why we call the vargan a tool to unite humanity, and created this model to remind us all that there are no boundaries. There are only human beings, just like us, in all our human diversity. 
This vargan is great for beginners and will please even the most experienced varganist with its capabilities.
Treat with care as you would any musical instrument. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Wipe the reed dry after playing.
Length of the instrument - 11.5 cm.
The widest part of the body is 3.5 cm, at the edge of the reed - 0.8 cm.
Length of the reed elbow - 2 cm .
Thickness of the body - 3 mm.
Weight 42 g.

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