Vargan “Lighthouse”

The response, the sound and the overtones of this instrument are well balanced.

Suitable for beginners and professionals. Easy to master. Combines delicacy of form and beauty and clarity of sound. This is a premium class instrument. The massive steel plate allows a comfortable grasp.

This is a mouth harp for those of you that like them heavy. With its small size the tongue is soft and the timbre is low. Its sound is loud, distinct, assertive, easily controlled by the breath and it quickly switches between rhythms. It can be both the rhythm and the bass in your music.

Material: steel
Dimensions: 100×30×4 mm.
Tongue length: 80 mm.
Weight: 35 gr.

The instrument is best kept in a special case, better a hard one, e.g. wooden to prevent deformation of the tongue.

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