Vargan by Vladimir Potkin

Altaian mouth harp for beginners. Made by Vladimir Potkin, a master from Gorno-Altaisk with many years of hands-on experience in making these instruments.

The instrument is small, delicate, with melodical, rich overtones, a bright, but soft and gentle timbre, and deep vibrations of the tongue with a long sustain.

Specifics of this mouth harp:

- small size,
- distinct sound,
- easy to master.

This instrument is a good choice for beginners and even children to master most of the playing techniques. It responds well to the breath and forgives moderate inaccuracy in playing.

The tongue is soft and flexible. The instrument is best kept in a special case, better a hard one, e.g. wooden to prevent deformation of the tongue.

Tongue length: 60 mm.

Material: lattin

Weight: 20 gr.

Dimensions: 65 mm. × 25 mm. × 5 mm.

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