The artysh incense is used in rituals to purify a person, a dwelling, the surrounding area or objects. As a rule, it is set on fire for purification. Artysh smoke destroys 80% of harmful germs, as well as, according to Tuvan shamans, dark energies that accumulate in the room, especially in the corners: the smell and smoke of artysh drives them out into the street.
The artysh is mostly used by shamans and Buddhist lamas. Buddhist lamas read mantras with a lighted artysh. The shaman, on the other hand, makes incantations, incantations, and smokes the artysh on the person and the premises.
The artysh incense is used not only by shamans, but also by ordinary people in their homes. A man fumigates himself with lighted artysh before a long journey, before the beginning of serious projects or after participating in funeral processions, after visiting a cemetery and so on. In short, it is a means of purification and protection from the dark forces. Besides, Tuvinians believe that artysh spiritually cleanses a person. People in a state of depression, with mental deviations, artysh perfectly soothes.
For internal use fresh artysh should be brewed and drunk as a tea for various diseases, such as stomach upsets, to expel parasites from the body.

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