Incense "Magic Cone Sandal"/ 25 cones

Premium quality incense made from the most expensive Sandalwood, native to Java, Indonesia. The scent of sandalwood is the scent of love, divine and delicate. In different cultures, sandalwood belongs to the cult sacred plants, with its help temples are fumigated and sacred ceremonies are held.

Each sacred plant has its own special way of interacting with the energy of space: some incense is good for cleansing the energy of your home, while others are good for filling. Sandal is about filling. It will fill your space with the highly vibrational energy of love, goodness, create an atmosphere for meditation, or simply help you relax after a hard day.

Sandal has a surprising effect on a person, calming and recharging at the same time. Its scent relieves anxiety, anxiety and stress, while gently stimulating, enhancing the ability to concentrate and focus. Therefore, they say that sandalwood is able to affect the body and mind in different ways: the body relaxes, and the mind is focused.

Also, sandalwood incense is good to use before bed: sandalwood increases the phase of "slow sleep" and helps to fall asleep faster and deeper.

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