Incense "Magic Agar Cone"/ 25 cones

Premium quality incense made from high quality Agar wood with the addition of Agar resin. It is a unique plant revered in many religions as sacred.

Since ancient times, agar oil has been used in folk medicine and healing, and fumigation of premises with agar is the best way to purify space and is used in religious rituals.

The aroma of agar cannot be compared with anything - sweetish, thick, woody - it acts as a sedative, has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, balances energies, restores the aura and is a powerful energy protection from outside influences.

Each sacred plant has its own special way of interacting with the energy of space: some incense is good for cleansing the energy of your home, while others are good for filling. Agar is best used for cleansing. Its aroma has very high vibrations, so everything destructive simply cannot withstand being in the room that is fumigated with agar. The energies of space are quickly aligned - you yourself will feel when this happens. You will feel lightness, peace, like returning Home. After cleansing with agar, the space will be ready to be filled with pure high energies. For filling, you can use sandalwood or palo santo incense.

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