About how you can wake up easily in the morning - without coffee or other stimulants. About being awake all day long. About being in a good mood and having a clear memory. About calm evenings and nights without anxiety or insomnia.
Far Eastern cedars, which appeared in our assortment, grow in a protected area under UNESCO protection. The ecology there is the purest. Not a single large enterprise in the area.
Their roots and needles absorb microelements and power of the most ancient substance of the planet - the world ocean. Any body of water holds important codes of the Universe. Everything that grows near rivers, seas and, even more so, oceans also have these codes in their cells.
Any other cedar cone is inferior in composition to the Far Eastern cedar cone.
It is high in easily digestible vitamins and minerals. Just one gram of powder gives 134 important components for the immune system for a whole day!
The cones also contain dihydroquercetin to fight "corona" and other viruses. Also a rare vitamin B17 for cancer. Vitamins of almost the entire B group, vitamins A, E, C, K. Also 5 important amino acids, Omega 3, triglycerides. Of the elements - calcium, iron, iodine, selenium, magnesium, zinc and many others.
Start with a one-month course of infusion of the cone. Already from the first weeks you will feel the strength returning to your body. How your resource is growing, in spite of all the storms.
Also feel it:
•    tonicity in the body and clarity in the head;
•    improved immunity and mood;
•    that you slept well and finally got a good night's sleep.

Crushed cedar cones have antiviral, antitumor and anti-inflammatory effects. Just in time for the fall.

Go to the "Healing plants" sections on in your profile header. Look for "Biocedrus Infusion. There - all the details of application.

May the power of your whole kind be with you! ?

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