Gift for women and men №5

This Sapo frog, frog venom is used to heal people.
There are Ye Ming Zhu stones in the eyes.

Unique kuripe applicator for herbs healing. It made of elite Rosewood.

Kuripe blowpipe - a tool for a self served Rapé ceremony, designed and made by the Ayaho House shaman workshop, located in Bali. We used elite rose wood to make this applicator - a solid and fragrant material. There are quite a few legends about it, and it is used to make musical instruments and gift articles.

Natural stone Ye Ming Zhuh

Ye Ming Zhu is a legendary glowing stone, also known as the Dragon’s and Phoenix’s pearl - the legend tells that these two magical creatures have created the glowing stone. It is also called the Chinese Emperors’ Stone.

It consists of rare-earth elements that allow it to absorb and emanate light and Chi (energy), which makes this pendant a truly magical amulet for your protection and attracting good luck. 
It was the most valuable possession of the emperor for centuries.

The crystal of Ye Ming Zhuh is a tetrahedron structure which is one of the strongest and brightest forms of solids.

The stone has accumulated sunlight and can now light your path. Its energy is truly powerful.

Special spoon for rape. An elegant and comfortable accessory. Fingers folded in "om" hold a lotus flower.

The flacon: a design development of our studio, the unique bottle is made of volcanic sand, thrown to the surface of the planet from the center of the Earth - the Jurassic period, contains a lot of metal, creating a shell around the base of glass and reliably protects the bottle from sunlight, temperature fluctuations and energetic influences.

It is a magical item that will decorate the ceremony space, looks magical on any altar.

The precious shell box is lined with velvet inside

This is the perfect set for extraordinary people, for a man and a woman.

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