Gift set "Healing"

Candles, incenses, the atmosphere of silence and relaxation… Fumes of frankincense, sandal, agarwood… The gift set "Healing scent" has all you need for profound work with spaces - to purify, fill and transform them.

The set contains: frankincense (50 gr.), a wisp of White Sage, 4 sticks of Palo Santo, natural soy wax candle, cone-shaped incenses (25 pieces), agar wood incense sticks (5 pieces), Sandal molds for frankincense (12 pieces), a shell as a stand for incenses.

  • Frankincense-the fragrant resin. Frankincense calms down the nervous system. Its fume contains incensole acetate, which is an anti-depressant. It was noted that frankincense intensifies the process of recovery from a disease.

  • Premium quality Palo Santo from Peru. Its fragrance protects from negative energy, astral attacks and gives a peaceful and blissful state. Palo Santo clears the human energetic centres, the biofield, uplifts the vibrations and purifies the space.

  • Natural soy wax candle. Soy wax is made of organic and biodegradable components that do not emit toxic substances when burning. Soy wax does not smell, and it burns twice as long as paraffin.

  • Premium quality incense made from the most expensive Sandalwood, native to Java, Indonesia. The scent of sandalwood is the scent of love, divine and delicate. In different cultures, sandalwood belongs to the cult sacred plants, with its help temples are fumigated and sacred ceremonies are held.

  • Aroma sticks made of valuable agar wood. It is a unique plant and is considered sacred in many religions. The aroma of agar is like nothing else - slightly sweet, dense, woodish. It calms the mind, improves the heartbeat, balances energies, restores the aura and efficiently protects from external energetical impact.

  • White Sage to smudge the space. The aroma of Sage is rich, herbal, with tinges of moisture and earth. Smudging with Sage clears the space from unpleasant smells and purifies the energy of the space, things and a human on all levels.

  • The molds are heart-shaped. The molds are completely natural, made of sacred sandalwood. Its aroma mixes with the fume of frankincense to create a truly magical atmosphere.

  • Shell incense stand.

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