A gift for him

The set includes:
  • Ayaho men's oil! It ignites passion, acting as an aphrodisiac, enhances sensitivity, fills the space with a divine aroma, prolongs the dance of love. 30ml
  • Palo Santo protects from negative energy, astral attacks and gives a calm, blissful state. The smell of palo santo cleans the energy centers of a person, his biofield, increases vibrations, and also clears the space in which you are. 15g
  • Premium quality incense made from high quality Agar (Oud) wood with the addition of Agar resin. The aroma of agar is incomparable - sweetish, thick, woody - it acts as a sedative. 12 cones have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, balance energies, restore the aura and are a powerful energy protection from outside influences.
  • Patchouli is the smell of money and the smell of love. Usually the scent of patchouli is used as an aphrodisiac or in rituals to attract wealth. And Masoi wood belongs to the cinnamon family and is widespread in Indonesia as a spice and as an incense. 8 sticks.

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