Medical & intime oils

Medical & intime oils
Our medical oils are gifted by the plants of Amazonia. The intimate oils are produced from balinese plants according to an ancient recipe over 1000 years old. All of them are completely natural, organic and contain no additives or inclusions.
Yoni massage
1. Preparation
Prepare a quiet, comfortable and safe place for you. Yoni massage can be performed either lying down or sitting in the lotus position. Take off all your clothes, your body should breathe and not feel shackled. You can do breathing exercises and light incense before you start to relax and tune in to the practice.
2. In a sitting or lying position, bring your knees apart so that your crotch is exposed. Slowly and gently massage your lower abdomen and then move on to your breasts. For the first few minutes, massage only your breasts and nipples, and only after that you can pull your nipples a little when they are tense. Stretch the buttocks and inner thighs.
3. When you're sure you're ready, you can move on to the massage itself. At the moment, there are five techniques of yoni massage:
- Bowl
- Circular
- Pressing and pulling
- Pulling
- Rubbing
In order to improve the glide and increase the intensity of the brightness of sensations, we recommend the use of woman oil. With it you will enjoy your practice even more.
4. Bowl
1) Fold your hand into a bowl shape and hold it over your vagina.
2) Gently perform a circular motion with your hand.
3) Slowly begin to squeeze your hand at the entrance to the vagina and massage the area under it with it.
1) With the tip of your index finger, start circling the clitoris clockwise and counterclockwise.
2) Alternately draw small and large circles with your finger.
3) Experiment with the strength of the pressure, alternate light gentle touches with assertive ones.