Men’s oil

Men’s oil «Ayaho»! Did you know that a women gets 5-10 times more sensations during love-making? We have found a way for men to catch up! Just use the «Ayaho» oil 15 minutes prior to intercourse and you’ll be fascinated!


• fires your passion, acting as an afrodisiac;
• increases sensitivity;
• files the space with divine fragrance;
• prolongs the dance of love.

Use it to:

- boost your energy;
- improve blood circulation in the intimate area;
- increase your activity and endurance;
- increase your libido and prolong the pleasure;
- create a sensual atmosphere even after a hard day at work.

Ways of usage:

Spread it on your intimate area or on your whole body with a special applicator. Good for daily usage after a morning shower and gently massaging to improve blood circulation. For a passionate night apply 15 minutes before intercourse. The oil is gentle and wouldn’t burn your sensitive areas.

The oil has a high concentration of natural plant-based components. The mucus membrane of some people would be fine with it undissolved, but we recommend mixing it with a base oil - the best option is coconut base oil, other good ones are grape seed, jojoba, almond and other natural base oils you might have at hand. The ratio may be 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 - find the proportion that suits you best.

For massage purposes 10% of man’s oil in the base oil is enough.

Some residue may precipitate out, as the product is 100% natural and does not contain emulsifiers or preservatives. This is fine, if it happens the product is still good to use. The colour may also change and the smell become softer.

Shelf life: over 5 years. If stored properly, kept in a dark place in room temperature it will serve you long.

The oil is made on Bali with Balinese and Amazonian herbs with coconut oil as a base, according to an ancient recipe over 1000 years old. The herbalists pray every day while making it, and then it goes through molecular structuring.

The oil is made of 108 plants, the basic ones are:

1)Gynurae procumbens Folio 0,12g
2)Myristicae Semen 0,08g
3)Piperis Nigri Fructus 0,08g
4)Tinosporae tuberculatae Herba 0,12g
5)Euchrestae Fructus 0,08g
6)Piperis bettle folia 0,20g
7)Talini paniculati radix 0,20g
8)Imperatae radix 0,95g
9)Messoiae aromaticae cortex 0,27g
10)Eurycomae longifoliae lignum 0,48g
11)Arecae catechu fructus. 0,27g
12)Vitis guadricornutae lignum 0,48g
13)Coconut oil QsAd 17 ml

Volume: 30 ml

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