Dragon Blood

This is the resin of a sacred tree Croton Lehleri that grows high up in the mountains of South America. Dragon Blood has a wide range of effects:

▫️powerful antiseptic and a liquid bandage for injuries,
▫️angina and canker treatment,
▫️suppresses cancels cells growth, including skin cancer,
▫️treats erosions, stomach ulcers and cancer, irritable bowel syndrome,
▫️suppresses the virus activity of flu, ARVI, herpetic fever,
▫️reliefs itching and redness from insect bites,
▫️heals exzema, gum bleeding, haemorrhoid,
▫️cures vaginal infections and soothes painful menstruations,
▫️supports natural skin regeneration and scarring,
▫️treats diarrhea of various etiologies, including HIV-assotiated and travel diarrhea. Dragon Blood is the main component of a verified pharmaceutical medicine that treats these disorders.

Ways of usage:

▪️ apply undiluted onto a wound and skin.
▪️ in case of angina and aching throat dissolve 10 drops in 100ml. of water and rinse. A few rinses will relieve the aching and cure microulcers.
▪️ Internal use: dissolve 3-12 drops of resin in 100ml. of water and drink twice a day, in between meals.

Contraindications: leukosis, pregnancy, lactation, early age.

Dragon Blood by Ауaho is 100% natural, no preservatives added.
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