Ethnical protective amulet «Protector Spirit»

In many Asian cultures masks of spirits showing out their tongues are considered to be talismans. In Bali the tongue being stuck out is one of the main attributes of the Barong dragon - the lord of the jungle, protector of the balinese people and the personification of the forces of good.

Made of sono - an elite sort of wood with a texture like that of black ebony. Its botanical name is Dalbergia latifolia. The Sono rosewood is fragrant and known for its solidity, firmness and noble dark tinge. It is often used to make elements of interior for expensive cars and airplanes and for priced gift articles.

Entirely handmade. Designed by the «Ayaho house» shaman workshop on Bali. The protector Spirit is hand carved. Every amulet of our workshop is unique, carries the energy of the wood, the warmth of the hands of the artist and magic of the island and offers the protection of shaman traditions.

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