Ethnic style necklace “Leaf”

An original ethnic style handmade amulet. An amulet is an item of power, made to guard and protect you. That is why we make all our items by hand, unhastingly and only from natural materials.

This piece is made of elite rosewood. This wood necklace was soaked in flax seed oil using vacuum. This method gives the item a durable wonderful appearance to please your eye.

The fastening is made of pure silver. Rosewood and silver form a wonderful combination. The lunar, exquisite and gentle nature of silver perfectly complements the warm, earthy feel of rosewood. Nice gift for women.

This protection amulet is also decorated with a Rudraksha - a seed also known as the “Shiva’s tear”. These seeds are believed to be the gift of Shiva and are used to make malas and other sacred items.

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