Pedant-jingle "ANGELS'S FLIGHT"

A silver pendant-jingle with angel's wings - delicate, exquisite and harmonious. Inside is a metal ball that makes the ringing sound during movement.

It is an ornament for your look and a healer for your heart. The ringing of the jingle greatly harmonises the space. The sound on the heart level heals the heart center and allows the divine love to flow freely and purely.

The angel's wings symbolize the connection between the earthly and heavenly dimensions, lightness, purity and spiritual freedom.

This was pendant made to serve you as both an ornament and a good protective talisman.

▪️Made of silver. Completely handmade, every detail of the ornament is manually carved by the artisan.

The upper and lower parts of the pendant open so that you can clean it from the inside as well.

Entirely handmade. Designed and made by the Ayaho shamanic workshop, located on Bali. Each item we make is unique, charged with the energies of ancient sacred symbols, the warmth of the artisan's hands and with the magic of the island.

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