Ethnical amulet «The Tree of Life»

Rose wood protection amulet «The Tree of Life».

The tree-shaped talisman symbolizes the unity of material and spiritual, past and future. It is a symbol of eternal evolving, the family and the connection of generations. It also represents the human being itself, who conducts down through him/herself the energy of the sky (as does the tree through its branches) and brings up the energy of the earth, as with the roots. This talisman protects from trouble, makes the family secure and brings love, balances the energies.

We used elite Rose Wood and 925 sterling silver to make this amulet. There are quite a lot of legends about this tree and its solid, fragrant wood is used to make musical instruments and valuable gift items.

We believe that the elite sort of wood and the totem’s power and wisdom can amplify your intent and fill it with genuine magic and beauty.

Entirely handmade. Designed by the «Ayaho house» shaman workshop on Bali. The tree of life is hand carved. Every amulet of our workshop is unique, carries the energy of the wood, the warmth of the hands of the artist and magic of the island and offers the protection of shaman traditions.

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