Protective amulet «Three Spirals»

Designed by the «Ayaho house» shaman workshop on Bali. All wooden elements are hand carved and firmly connected with a cotton thread.

The spiral is intentionally chosen as a protective symbol. In many cultures the spiral conveys powerful creative power. The spiral talisman represents compressed energy that can release itself out of you when you need it most and give the strength required for a decisive action. Every whorl of the spiral symbolizes a new turn of life. The spiral amulet helps to make a breakthrough from a vicious circle and protects its owner.

The symbolism of the spiral is enforces by the number 3. The amulet consists of three spirals, this sacred number represents the forces of sky, earth and water.

Made of sono - an elite sort of wood with a texture like that of black ebony. Its botanical name is Dalbergia latifolia. The Sono rosewood is fragrant and known for its solidity, firmness and noble dark tinge. It is often used to make elements of interior for expensive cars and airplanes and for priced gift articles.

The spirals are hand carved. Every amulet of our workshop is unique, carries the energy of the wood, the warmth of the hands of the artist and magic of the island and offers the protection of shaman traditions.

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