Shaman's mirror (Copper)

Any practitioner, especially one working with people, must always protect himself. When a person comes to a session, they bring diseases, negative programs or alien entities with them. The main task of a shamanic mirror is to reflect all this and not let it penetrate into the healer's aura.

We recommend that everyone who deals with people wear such a mirror while working. This is also true for doctors, tour guides or teachers, and yoga instructors or counselors.
In many traditions, such a mirror is the receptacle of the Helper Spirit. After the tambourine, it is the second most important instrument. Even without a tambourine, with only a mirror, a shaman can heal, protect, and divine. With its help, the mage moves between the past and the future, the upper and the lower worlds.

You, too, can use the mirror as a portal for spiritual journeys. By setting up a connection with it, in the reflection you will see the answers to your queries, the perspective of the future, and the lessons of the past.

At Ayaho House, we made shamanic mirrors out of silver and copper.
The copper mirror is the symbol of the Black Sun of the lower worlds. It is ideal for healing.

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