Amulet of the goddess Artemis

This is an image of the goddess Artemis. She is also the goddess of the three moons, known as the Moon in Heaven; Artemis on Earth; and Hecate in the underworld. Her strong connection with the moon and corresponding lunar cycles makes Artemis the goddess of female secrets.

She also has a strong solar bond because she is the twin sister of the sun god Apollo. This partly explains its extremely independent and self-sufficient nature. This balance of sun and moon, as well as masculine and feminine energies, supports Artemis as the representation of a goddess on earth. As the goddess of the hunt, Artemis uses her "lunar vision" the ability to clearly see the misty and muted desert.

The women who follow Artemis develop their own "lunar vision" that can manifest in vivid dreams, allowing an enlightened journey inward!

The amulet is decorated a Rudraksha. Made of high quality Rosewood.

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