Earrings "Wings of wisdom"

The red coral insert and 925 sterling silver together make a perfect Yin combination.

The shape of the wings visually lengthens the oval of the face. These earrings will emphasize your innate sophistication and grace. And they will complement any image with an atmosphere of tenderness and love.

Coral has always been valued by jewelers, and magicians considered it a magical stone. Red coral is a symbol of femininity, female strength and beauty. Helps in the disclosure of female energy and harmonizes the subtle bodies of a woman.

Wings are an eternal symbol of eternal spiritual freedom, lightness and belonging to higher spheres.

Thus, these earrings are designed to serve as both an ornament and a good protective talisman.

Ethnic earrings "Wings of wisdom"

Earrings made of natural coral and silver are incredibly juicy, bright, sensual.

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