Earrings "Luck"

Earrings are a talisman for good luck. 
The shape of a horseshoe has long been a favorite among jewelers, because a horseshoe is a symbol of luck and happiness. An inverted horseshoe also means a full bowl - wealth and abundance. And the peoples of South America consider her a faithful protector from black witchcraft and evil spells.

Silver and bronze are perfectly combined together and create a sophisticated, delicate decoration. Earrings are suitable for any style of clothing, both for everyday and evening look.

Completely handmade. After all, these earrings are conceived not only as a beautiful decoration, but also as an object of power, a talisman. And real amulets and talismans have always been made by hand. This is a way to create an exclusive product filled with energy and love. Therefore, we make our jewelry slowly, manually and only from natural materials.

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