Ethnic belt

Ethnic style waistband made of natural materials. It will “sit” well on your waist, highlight your figure and contribute to your style.

In the ancient cultures the waistband carried an important symbology: protection, honour, faithfulness and power.

This waistband is made of natural materials exclusively: cowrie shells and cotton thread. Cowrie shells symbolise the feminine principle and fertility, and a waistband is worn on the belly, so this waistband serves not only as a decorative element, but also a powerful amulet for women, helping in impregnation and motherhood issues.

Cowrie shells are also used as amulets to attract money and increase income and in attraction rituals.

Entirely handmade, filled with the energy of natural materials and the warmth of the craftsmans’ hands. We believe that this waistband will be an ornament as well as a good protective talisman for you.

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