Ethnical protective amulet «Sign of infinity»

Ebony blackwood ethnical protective amulet «Sign of infinity».

The symbol of infinity conveys the meanings of neverending rebirth and spiritual growth. It helps its owner to grow in harmony using knowledge and to merge the material and spiritual.

Made of elite ebony blackwood. It is considered one of the most valuable wood sorts on the planet. Blackwood is so solid and massive that it sinks in water. It is also believed to have magical properties, conducting positive energies and protecting from negative ones.

The amulet is decorated with volcano lava stones and black onyx.

• The lava stones from the sacred Mt.Agung volcano symbolize the eternal flow of life and connection with the four elements.

• The black onyx stone gives protection and inspiration, and it harmonizes the aura.

Entirely handmade. Designed by the «Ayaho house» shaman workshop on Bali. Every amulet of our workshop is unique, carries the energy of the wood, the warmth of the hands of the artist and magic of the island and offers the protection of shaman traditions.

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