Ethnic necklace

Handmade necklace made of natural materials. Whether you like ethnic style or you want to refresh your daily look, this necklace will highlight your individuality and complement your dress.

The necklace will fit well monotonous dresses and blouses with any cuts and without excessive prints.

In ancient cultures necklaces carried a special magical function - they protected a woman from ailments, ill willers and negative energy. This is why only natural materials are used for this necklace - they have the power to protect and bring luck. These materials are: Cowrie shells, lotus seeds, Huayruru seeds and wooden beads.

▫️Cowrie are shells of tropical mollusks that were used as money in the ancient times. They symbolise the feminine principle and fertility. Cowrie shells are stringed on necklaces and sewn into clothes. There are used to make amulets to attract money and increase income, in attraction rituals and for fortune telling and divination.

▫️The lotus is a sacred plant in the mythologies of different cultures. It is considered a divine flower and a symbol of cosmos and was used for ages to make malas and other sacred items.

▫️Huayruru seeds were used as amulets and talismans in tropical regions.

Entirely handmade, filled with the energy of natural materials and the warmth of the craftsmans’ hands. We believe that this necklace will be an ornament as well as a good protective talisman for you.

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