Earrings "Moonlight"

Elvish, gentle, elegant. Inspiring, vaguely suggesting. Made of pure silver and mother-of-pearl. The light, lunar nature of silver perfectly matches the play of the shell’s colours.

These earrings create an elegant look - glittering, like the moon, mysterious and alluring.

The seashell in these earrings is a symbol of love, peace and prosperity. Seashells are used for meditation and to balance the chakras. That is why women from all over the world use them for their ornaments.

The vine of life made of silver, represents a new beginning - a sprout of a fresh phase in life.

The materials for this piece were chosen so that it will serve you not only as a decoration, but also a protective talisman. And, as the crafting of any talisman and amulet requires, we make our items by hand, unhastingly and with love.

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