Amulet “Heart’s Angel”

Made of natural seraphinite stone and elite rosewood, inlaid with silver and with a leather loop.

Seraphinite is a gemstone that has its name derived from one of the highest ranks of angels. It is connected to the fourth energy center - the heart chakra, Annahata.
This is why it carries the energies of inspiration and healing. It opens the heart, transforms negative emotions into positive, relieves heartache and anxiety and brings joy.

At a close look seraphinite shows a 3D-like texture. It also resembles the Earth’s landscape, frozen chunks of ice and angels’ feathers. This magic is due to the combination of transparent green and unordinary white crystals that the gemstone consists of.

Seraphinite in the sunlight exposes all kinds of green tones. Together with rosewood and silver this stone composes a beautiful and unusual talisman. Its slender drop shape will suit any cothes item, any kind of cut.

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