Pendant "Tree of Life"

Pendant "Tree of life", made of pure silver.

The tree of life is an ancient symbol.
He expresses:
- unity of earthly and spiritual, past and future;
- eternal development, connection of family and generations;
- a symbol of the person himself, conducting through himself the energy of the sky from above (branches) and the energy of the earth from below (roots);
- protects from adversity, gives a strong family and love, and also balances the energies of a person.

The tree of life is in a circle. The circle is a symbol of eternity, space, the cyclical nature of life.

The pendant is made of pure silver. Completely handmade. Author's development of the shamanic workshop "Ayaho" in Bali.

Each product of our workshop is unique, filled with the energy of ancient sacred symbols, the warmth of the hands of masters and the magic of the island.

Weight with chain 8g

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