Ye Ming Zhu

Ye Ming Zhu is a legendary glowing stone, also known as the Dragon’s and Phoenix’s pearl - the legend tells that these two magical creatures have created the glowing stone. It is also called the Chinese Emperors’ Stone.

It consists of rare-earth elements that allow it to absorb and emanate light and Chi (energy), which makes this pendant a truly magical amulet for your protection and attracting good luck.
It was the most valuable possession of the emperor for centuries.

The crystal of Ye Ming Zhuh is a tetrahedron structure which is one of the strongest and brightest forms of solids.

The stone has accumulated sunlight and can now light your path. Its energy is truly powerful.

Its glow reminds that we are all spiritual beings of Light. Because of its positive energy it will evoke smiles on people’s faces who see you in the night. It reminds you that there is always light and love in your life and they are stronger than the dark and evil.

This stone is not for ordinary people. It is to be used by white magicians and shamans!

Hand chasing the master on silver, makes this product a work of art and creativity!

The product comes with a silver chain.

Product diameter 25 mm.

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