Handmade amulet “Spiral Cross”

The Spiral Cross resembles two crossing infinity symbols and represents the balance of the four elements. The vertical one is for the equanimity between the elements of Air (the sky) and Earth, and the horizontal one - for Fire and Water. When all the elements in the body are harmonised, life becomes joyous and fulfilled. Intuition partners with will-power, empathy with decisiveness, spirit unites with the body.

This cross keeps misfortune away and gives wisdom. Besides the power of the symbol, this amulet carries also the protective properties of the wood, which makes it an even more powerful talisman. Spiritual gift.

As an amulet should be, this item was made by hand, unhastingly and only with love. The elite rosewood chosen for it was soaked in flax seed oil using vacuum. This method gives the item a durable wonderful appearance to please your eye.

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