Pendant-jingle “Ringing of silence”

This silver pendant jingle is gentle, exquisite and harmonious. Inside is a metal ball that makes the ringing sound during movement.

This is both an ornament for your look and a healer for your heart. The bell’s sound perfectly harmonises the space. And a small jingle on the level of your heart brings healing to its area, clears pain and allows the divine love to flow freely and purely.

We made this pendant to be not only a decoration for you but a good protective talisman as well.

The pendant is made of silver. Entirely handcrafted, every detail of the ornament was made by the artisan."

Designed by Ayaho, the shamanic workshop on Bali. Every product of our shop is unique and filled with the magic of the island, energy of natural materials and the warmth of the craftsmans’ hands. We believe that these silver pendant-jingle will be not only a decoration for you, but also a good protective talisman."

Weight with chain 0.26 oz

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