Set of handmade jewelry for women

Ethnic style.

The set includes earrings and an amulet. You can also buy one of these decorations at your choice of purchase option.

-Handmade earrings made of the magnificent combination of rosewood and silver. The lunar, exquisite and gentle nature of silver perfectly complements the warm, earthy feel of rosewood.

-The amulet is suitable for meditations and spiritual practices. Rosewood and silver will compliment almost any dress. Does not lose color with time and is resistant to stains.

The symbol of two intertwining spirals has a certain meaning - the upper spiral represents the celestial energy, the spiritual power of a human, and the lower one - groundedness, the energy of our planet. When these two energy currents are balanced, one becomes the Creator who shapes his reality, bridging the spiritual and material, the sky and the earth, the soul’s desires and daily life.

Jewelry set “Energies in Balance” is made to be the highlight of your style and a personal item of power. We make all our items by hand, unhastingly and only from natural materials. This makes our products not only exclusive, but also filled with energy and love.

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