Zoe long pants "Voice of the wind"

Boho style trousers for those who love style, comfort and freedom. A soft and completely natural fabric, a free cut, comfortable pockets and a rubber band make these pants so comfortable that you barely feel them on your body!

Material: 70% linen, 30% cotton. This textile is as if the voice of the wind, the sound of grass under the breeze, the streams and the power of the forest - light, organic, firm, breathing” and “hugging”.

You won’t be hot wearing them, they do not restrict movement and the thin natural fabric allows proper ventilation and thermal regulation even in hot weather. They are comfortable for any activity - having a walk, practicing yoga, etc.

Boho pants are universal and are perfect to wear with tops and kimono, each time creating a new and unique look - simple, delicate and functional.

Bohemian style clothing implies a free cut, natural colours and a modern look. It’s a new dimension of comfort and beauty in your wear!

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