Boho dress "Predawn star"

A boho-style summer lady dress with lace inserts on the breast area and on the sleeves. Wearable as both a dress and as a gown. A full-length hidden front zipper. Buttons are inside the dress and remain unseen.

This gown-dress has comfortable pockets on the sides. The V-shaped cut and the stanchion collar will gently highlight the elegancy of your neck and will add a tinge of romance and playfulness to your look. And the free uplifted waist with the flowing bottom together shape a divinely gentle feminine silhouette.

The soft and absolutely natural material (70% linen, 30% cotton) will allow your body to breathe even in the hottest weather.


Wear it on a casual summer evening or on a festival - it's universal.
The bohemian style wear is the feeling of lightness and freedom. It combines style and comfort, elegancy and love for nature. In this dress you will feel yourself the daughter of nature - gentle, as a bud ready to blossom… light, as the breath of wind… Free as the waters of a mountain stream!

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