Boho kimono "Birth of Venus" Saffron

A gentle female sammer boho kimono. Looks delicate on any figure.

This kimono robe combines delicacy, functionality and beauty. It will protect you from a burning sun on a hot midday and keep you cosy in a summer evening. The free cut doesn’t restrict movement and the natural fabric allows proper ventilation, and at the same time this clothing is warming when needed.

The kimono can be worn separately or over a dress or top with pants or shorts. Experiment - you can create some various and unique looks with this kimono model.

A boho kimono gives a feeling of freedom and lightness. Natural “breathing” material, a gentle pastel colour, and elegant stylish look - all sum up to a new dimension of comfort and and beauty of your clothing!

Material: 70% linen, 30% cotton.


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