Boho dress "Morning Lightness"

Bohemian long lace summer duster - this is your perfect dress! Gentle, feminine, tempting and so comfortable.

The thin straps and the V-shaped cut will highlight the gentle delicacy of the neckline area. The straps’ length is adjustable. The lady lace dress is full-length with two cuts to the knee level.

The dress is made of soft breathing completely natural fabric (70% linen and 30% cotton). It allows good thermoregulation and ventilation even in hot weather.


You can combine it with a kimono or a jacket or just on its own, wear it on casual events or on a festival.

This Boho-style dress is the feeling of lightness and freedom. It combines style and comfort, the love for nature and elegance. You will feel yourself the daughter of nature in it, gentle as if a flower about to blossom… Light, as the breath of a breeze, free as the waters of a mountain stream!

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