Organic Linen Belted Pants for Women

Natural linen female trousers - stylish, light and comfortable. Ideal for walks, exercise and friendly meet-ups.

▫️Color: Beige

▫️The trousers have a split from the ankle up to the thigh, with laces to adjust its width on the knee level.

▫️Available in M and S sizes. The M size is 88 cm. long and the S - 85.

▫️Wide comfortable waistband can be adjusted by a fabric lace.

▫️Material - natural linen. The inset meant to replace the stitch is cotton. It makes them fit for any kind of activity with no restriction: exercise, splits, hiking won’t tear them and will allow free movement.

▫️Comfortable pockets.

▫️Decorated with an ethnical ornament on the sides.

We aim to promote our values through our products, which are love for nature and eco-friendly manufacturing. This is why we use only natural fabric and sew each product unhastingly and putting our heart into it. We treat the process as rather poetry than business.

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