Womens boho summer poncho cape (Gray)

Ethnic bohemian wear is always modern. Its comfort, uniqueness and free cut always remain appealing. You feel free wearing it, it just feels like being yourself!

This handmade cape sits well on any figure, is suitable for any activity and shows that freedom can be elegant.

Material: soft, breathing and completely natural fabric (70% linen and 30% cotton). It allows good thermoregulation and ventilation even in hot weather.

Bohemian style clothing implies a free cut, natural colours and a modern look. It’s a new dimension of comfort and beauty in your wear!"

We promote freedom-style bohemian wear for men and women - independent of cliches and the limited set of looks that fashion dictates. Boho is a perfect combination of style and freedom, elegance and simplicity, freshness and love for nature, suitable both for casual situations and festivals. It is a natural fabric clothing that does not restrict movement and creates gentle romantic looks.

Made in Bali ? charged with the magic and power of the island✨

%100 natural product?

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