Bohemian dress "Forest nymph"

Light, flowing like a mountain river and free like the breath of nature. You will instantly charm everybody in this long duster dress! ! The one-piece sleeves will highlight the gentle curve of your shoulders. And a free uplifted waist with a free-flowing lower part will create a divine and gentle lady silhouette.

Material: 70% linen / 30% cotton.


A completely natural fabric allows ventilation even in the hottest weather.

The V-shaped cut on the back will flavour your look with notes of romance and gentle playfulness. You can adjust the cut’s width with the lace.

We promote freedom-style bohemian wear for men and women - independent of cliches and the limited set of looks that fashion dictates. Boho is a perfect combination of style and freedom, elegance and simplicity, freshness and love for nature, suitable both for casual situations and festivals. It is a natural fabric clothing that does not restrict movement and creates gentle romantic looks.

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