Gray Sleeveless Shirt

Handmade pure linen men’s sleeveless shirt. Colour - light gray. This item continues the series of shamanic clothes by «Ayaho».

▫️The shirt is decorated with a protective shamanic ornament of the Shapibo tribe.
The Shapibo ornament protects and balances the human energy field.

▫️Very light, soft, does not constrict movement.

▫️Natural mother-of-pearl buttons made from a pearl shell.

▫️Material - 100% linen.

▫️Available sizes: M and L

▫️Use delicate hand wash.

Ayaho clothes are made so that they reflect our values - love for nature and eco-friendly manufacturing. This is why we use only natural fabric and put our heart into the process of creation, avoiding haste. We regard our craft primarily as poetry, and only then - as business.

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