Tepi "Indian face"

Tepi with an Indian face - a magical shaman accessory for your Rapé ceremony. Designed be the shamanic workshop Ayaho on Bali. This blowpipe is made for assisted usage of Rapé.

We used elite rose wood to make this tepi. There are quite a lot of legends about this tree and its solid, fragrant wood is used to make musical instruments and valuable gift items.

This blowpipe is entirely handmade. Every detail of the Indian face is carved manually.

We support eco-friendly and conscious production. We believe that such factors as elite sorts of wood and natural decorative materials can amplify your intent in the Rapé ceremony and fill it with magic and beauty. Shamanic rituals aim to expand consciousness, purify the mind and help to find one’s own true path. Therefor we strive to pass the power and wisdom of shamanic knowledge in each product, in every detail.

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