Kuripe Palm Wood

A kuripe pipe for rapé ceremonies - 100% handmade

It is designed by the «Ayaho». A shamanic workshop on Bali. Made from the highest quality palm tree on the island.

Decorated with 925 sterling silver by hand of a craftsman, every stroke of its ornament.

The tips that contact the nose and mouth are also made of silver, this metal being the best antibacterial material provided by nature.

And the jewel of the pipe’s design is black onyx, brought from India. It is a magical stone, its energy is that of leadership. It takes away the fears of its owner, gives courage and decisiveness, protects and brings luck.

We support the idea of a completely sustainable and conscious manufacturing. Shamanic ceremonies and rituals serve to broaden the consciousness, clean the mind to help people tune into their power and their true path. This is why we aim to pass this magic and power of shamanic knowledge in every product, in every detail.

As the shamans ask the spirits of minerals and plants to protect their tribe, we pick out the best kinds of wood and the most energetically powerful minerals so that your rapé works its magic to the fullest in manifesting your intentions.

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