Kuripe for Rapé ceremony

Kuripi - a blowpipe for a self-served rapé ceremony. Completely handmade. It is designed by the «Ayaho House», a shamanic workshop on Bali. Made of highly priced teak wood. In some Asian countries teak is considered a sacred tree and temples are built next to them. We believe that the properties of wood and other materials we use can amplify the power of your intention during a rape ceremony and make it truly magical.

This kuripi is carved with a protective shapibo ornament and a face of an Indian. The flat bottom enables it to be placed standing on any surface.

Every detail is made without haste and manually, because our manufacturing is first of all poetry rather than business. We support the idea of a completely sustainable and conscious manufacturing. Shamanic ceremonies and rituals serve to broaden the consciousness, clean the mind to help people tune into their power and to accomplish their intentions. This is why we choose only elite kinds of wood other materials to convey this magic of shamanic knowledge in every product.

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