Kuripe Fox

The power of an elite wood species is multiplied by the protective symbolism of a totem animal. This blowpipe is designed to be not only a handy tool for your rape ceremony, but also a tool for inner growth, raising your awareness and protecting you along the way.

An image of a fox, a shamanic totemic animal, is carved on this kuripe pipe. The fox is a symbol of prosperity and abundance, ambition, magic, a sharp mind, cunning, caution, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

This Kuripe totem is completely handmade. Every detail of the wooden wolf is hand carved.

We used elite rosewood to make this Kuripe. There are quite a few legends about this tree, and musical instruments and valuable gift items are made from its durable, fragrant wood.

We believe that the elite variety of wood and the power and wisdom of the totem can enhance your intentions in the rape ceremony and imbue it with genuine magic and beauty.

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