Rapé container

An original Rapé container made of the sacred caapi vine is crafted to be a piece of ancient shamanic magic in your Rapé ceremony. Caapi is a vine of life and death, a vine of wisdom, a plant of power and a teacher plant. Shamans of native Indian tribes have been using it to prepare the ayahuaska drink for centuries.

The container stores up to 4-5 grams of Rapé, depending on the sort.

Entirely handmade. Designed by the Ayaho House shaman workshop, located in Bali.

Stands well on any surface.

Every detail is made without haste and manually, because our manufacturing is first of all poetry rather than business. We support the idea of a sustainable and conscious manufacturing. As the shamanic rituals aim to expand consciousness, purify the mind and help you find your unique path, we use only elite sorts of wood to convey the ancient magic of shamanic knowledge in every product.

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